Best Executives

Best Executives consulting services builds excellence in an organization from top to bottom by working with leaders within the company to set clear organizational goals and develop excellent communication practices. Our coaching approach develops new skills and enables executives to motivate the workforce to perform at excellent levels. This empowers all levels of employees to be outstanding contributors and to build a strong culture.

Julie Kramer offers one-on-one Coaching to leaders in some of the most successful companies in the world. Executive clients may be found at Cisco, Paypal, Intel, The Gardner Group, Glass Door, 24/7, Price Waterhouse, Dreamworks Animation, Workday, Grand Rounds, SalesForce, VMware, Konica Minolta, Ross Stores, Campbell Soup, Fastor Systems, and Stanford University Medical Center.


Best Executives Coaching helps leaders:

  • Work effectively with a broad range of people
  • Improve their ability to lead and motivate others
  • Become Thought Leaders with a lasting legacy

The Best Executives Coaching Series gives managers powerful tools and practical skills that can be applied immediately back at work. We work with leaders of all levels on a wide range of leadership, interpersonal, and communication topics including:


We offer comprehensive coaching and consulting programs for individuals and groups, both in the corporate and non-profit sectors. The programs we offer are focused on leadership and personal transformation.

  • Executive Communication
  • Management Skills Development
  • Leadership
  • The Legacy You Lead
  • Negotiation Skills Development
  • Strategic Issues Positioning
  • Securing C-Suite Endorsement
  • Thought Leadership
  • Mentorship and Coaching others
  • Strengthen Influencing Skills

Julie Kramer shapes each consulting engagement to address the unique challenges of the clients. Examples of previous engagements include helping clients:

  • Define a new organizational structure/division to drive growth
  • Develop a leadership competency through assessment tools
  • Improve decision-making, ownership, and accountability
  • Build trust and collaboration cross-functionally
  • Develop a unifying vision, mission, and operating values
  • Increase communication effectiveness and relationship dynamics

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